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We organize the production in 4 different types of radiator batteries, each of them has a specific width (160; 250; 400 and the just incorporated in production line of 520mm) and many centers.

The customer specifies the combinations so that we can make them to measure.

In the plans and charts section, you will find the technical specifications.


The parts are made with a double stripping sheet laminated in cold for medium stamping and the matches are made through a process that involves specific welding in every step.
According to the application, we can provide batteries with inputs and outputs of collector pipes of 2’’ and 3’’ and bridles for butterfly valves, lifting hooks, metal bands, reins and manual drains according to the production order.

New Productos    

We are proud to present our latest invention: 520 mm made in different lengths.

We also incorporate in our product range folding panels for finned barrels.

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