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Folding panel

  Radiator batteries 520 mm    



The walls of the barrel are folding panels to refrigerate oil. The bottom, frame and walls are each other welded.

The height and the quantity of folds depend on thermal calculation of each transformer.

Heights may be of 600 mm, 800 mm or 1000 mm.

Technical characteristics

• Width: 520 mm
• Centers: from 1100 to 2000 mm rising 100 to 100 mm
• Distance between elements: 50 mm
• Sheet thickness: 1.2 mm
• Tube collector’s thickness: 3.2 mm
• Tube collector’s diameter: 89.9 mm
• Number of elements per battery: up to 25 elements.


• Bridle 125 x 125 mm ½” thickness
• Cuplas for reins and drains with stopper
• pivoting eye bolt
• lateral reinforcement
• stainless steel grounding hub with M6 screw